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Should We Register?

Maryam is 18 years old, she came into Jordan 5 months ago from the city of Der’a. She spent four months in the Za’atri refugee camp before marrying her cousin, Ibrahim, and now lives in Irbid with his family. The two families are very close; 14 people in total live in that house.

They left after Ibrahim was injured, and Maryam and Ibrahim got married in the camp by her brother, Hasan. Many refugees are resorting to marrying this way and opting to register their marriages when they go back to Syria. The main problem is that to register a marriage in Jordan, they would need documents from the Syrian Embassy that they are afraid to approach.

That is not their concern, however. Maryam and her family are not registered with UNHCR, and below is statement she gave our team:

With no source of income, the family depends on remittances from relatives working in the UAE.


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Ghazal is a strong girl who has been through a lot. She was born with hearing problems and underwent an operation to transplant a cochlea. Not only that, but she suffers from irregular heartbeats and had to go through another operation to install a device near her heart to make sure it beats regularly. Continue reading

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Smiling Through the Rain

Diya’, the group leader for SMRTE is always looking for new talent and people in the Za’atri refugee camp in need of moral support. He took us to meet Majdi, a 27 year old man who suffered a brain stroke while he was very young. Continue reading

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أحلام منتهية الصلاحية

كانت أحلامي تلامس السماء لا حدود لها بمستقبل باهر لأولادي…. حلمت أن يتصدر ((جمال)) الصحف حاملاً كأس البطولة في كرة القدم ، وحلمت بقلم ((سلمى)) يخط أجمل القصص، وبمعرضٍ يضم أبدع اللوحات بريشة ((سليم)) وحلمت وحلمت وحلمت
Continue reading

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Digging for Warmth

Children at the Za’atri refugee camp digging and collecting dirt to place around their tent to prevent water from coming in. A number of tents were flooded and many people had to be relocated after the recent rain and snow storm that affected Jordan.

“We want to protect our tent so we don’t drown”



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Snapshot 1 (1-7-2013 5-05 PM)

شمس ابنه عائله من الاف العائلات السورية التي شردت من وطنها، دمرت منازلها وقطعت ارزاقها تركت وطنها مرغمة لا راغبة بذلك من هول ما لاقوه هناك، والدة شمس دخلت الى الاردن مع بناتها الثلاث وطفل صغير حيث بقي والدهم في سوريا Continue reading

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لماذا يرجف قلبي؟

خرجت بأطفالي الصغار حافية القدمين بعد أن تهدم المنزل فوق رؤوسنا و نجونا بأعجوبة و معجزة إلهية. سكنت في بيت آخر و لكن القصف لم يهدأ و لم يبقى في الحي أحد، فأصبحت مدينة الخوف و الرعب التي كنا نسمع عنها و نحن صغار و نتخيلها في حكايات جدتي، لا بل انها مدينة الموت… Continue reading

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