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الصحة و النظافة في الزعتري

من اقوال اللاجئين السوريين في ظل ظروف الشتاء القاسية في مخيم الزعتري في المفرق…

–          ألسنا كغيرنا من الناس الذين يهتمون بالنظافة و الصحة؟!

–          أليس من حق الأطفال أن يعيشوا حياة صحية كغيرهم من الأطفال أم أنهم محكوم عليهم “بالمرض حتى الموت”؟

–          هل النظافة حكر على من هم خارج هذا المخيم؟ فما يفعل الناس هنا إذا؟ أيقفون مكتوفي الأيدي و هم يشاهدون أطفالهم يتساقطون أمامهم من المرض؟ Continue reading


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Sooria al Karama | Syria Dignity

On Nov. 28th we met with the group of Syrian refugees in Amman; the group is a mix of educated men and women who have left Syria as a result of the war. With better financial abilities, they are able to afford living in Amman, yet they are still finding it difficult to make ends meet. Continue reading

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Twice Displaced

One of the women living at the Za’atri refugee camp in Mafraq has a unique story, unfortunately unique in its sadness and unfairness.

She is of Syrian origins but was living in Libya with her family; a husband and 4 children the oldest of whom is 28. When the uprisings began in Libya last year the family opted for returning home to Syria. Unluckily the violence seemed to follow them even there. Continue reading

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Jordanian Host Families

A woman, originally Jordanian, sought refuge from her family in Jordan where her mother lives in Mafraq. She is married to a Syrian who stayed behind and has recently been reported missing, she hasn’t heard from him for the past few weeks. Continue reading

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Our Hearts Belong to Syria

On one of our trips to Al Khaliddeyeh, we went to deliver a washing machine to a woman living there with her family. We could not leave before listening to some of her stories about Syria, her family, her concerns and her hopes… Continue reading

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