Ghazal is a strong girl who has been through a lot. She was born with hearing problems and underwent an operation to transplant a cochlea. Not only that, but she suffers from irregular heartbeats and had to go through another operation to install a device near her heart to make sure it beats regularly.

When the conflict in Syria intensified her family decided to leave Der’a and come into Jordan. They are now living at the Za’atri refugee camp. Ghazal is only three years old.

Health Condition Deteriorating:

Ghazal’s mother started noticing her daughter’s health state to deteriorate, she was having some seizures and was transferred to the hospital inside the camp. After much deliberation with JHAS (Jordan Health Aid Society) it was determined that she needed more care than can be provided in the camp. One of the wires in Ghazal’s heart-beat-regulating device had been disconnected; the electrical charges were effecting  her body.

Ghazal was transferred to the Jordanian University Hospital in Amman where she underwent an operation after a long wait of 3 weeks until the new device was ordered and arrived to the hospital. She is doing well despite the difficult operation. Her mother described her as a fighter.

“Ghazal loves life, with all that she has been through she keeps smiling”

Going back to the camp will pose a challenge after Ghazal is discharged, her mother says the living conditions and the cold weather aren’t suitable for her daughter to live a healthy life.



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