Smiling Through the Rain

Diya’, the group leader for SMRTE is always looking for new talent and people in the Za’atri refugee camp in need of moral support. He took us to meet Majdi, a 27 year old man who suffered a brain stroke while he was very young. His father had left them six years earlier, leaving Majdi and his sister alone with their mother.  Majdi wouldn’t stop smiling, not deterred by his speech impediment and difficulty to move. His mother told us how when he was one years old he suffered the stroke and it changed his family’s life. Up till he was 16 he was able to move around and run some errands for his mother, but then he fell in love with a girl from their village. Unfortunately this girl traveled and it greatly affected Majdi; he developed diabetes and started spending more and more time indoors.


This is not the only story this family has to offer; Majdi’s sister Maryam is a very talented artist. She showed us a collection of her drawings. Art has been her passion from a young age.

Maryam Drawing1 Maryam Drawing2


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