About the Refugees

Inside Za’atri Camp:

Voice works with 4 groups of men and women inside the camp to deliver awareness raising sessions as well as share information and giving them a space to express themselves and tell their stories. The men’s group have called themselves SMRTE; read below on what their activities include:


Syrians Must Release Their Energy

The group of men at the Za’atri refugee camp that the team has been working with formed a group called SMRTE, which stands for Syrians Must Release Their Energy.

Their aim is to communicate their issues through creative means, voicing issues about the situation in the camp and what they are doing to cope with the condition.

Through Voice, members of SMRTE are gaining more opportunities and wider reach. Hasan took over OXFAM-GB’s Twitter feed for the day (http://storify.com/oxfamgb/twitter-takeover-hasan-syrian-refugee).


Outside Za’atri Camp

Voice works with women living in the host communities in Jordan as citizen journalists; their role is to gather stories about Syrians living in the host community and share them with us to be published on the blog. Voice has trained 25 women so far, the first group is seen below.

Any stories they have written are published with their first names.

citizen journalists

Left to right: Faizeh, Najah K., Hamida, Najah N., Iman

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