To Homs

To my dear city, Homs, do you know how much hope and despair you have created in me?!

Do you know that you are the only pain in my heart? For you are my home that I was born in, where I grew up, lived, and fed from its land. I keep blaming myself for leaving you, my dear Homs, you are my beloved home and the special place in my heart. The only phrase that makes me patient and helps me endure what has happened to you is that of “God is Great”, for He is the only one with the power to protect you. Tell me, how do I eat and not eat from your land? How do I sleep when I am far away from your warmth? Oh, my beloved country; when will we return to you? Our longing and yearning for you is burning inside us…when will I see your beautiful fields, hear your singing birds, and see your children playing in the small allies of the neighborhoods? Until we return to you, I ask God to keep you strong.

– Iman



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2 responses to “To Homs

  1. Reblogged this on Julie in Jordan! and commented:
    Take a look at this beautiful project: telling the stories of Syrian refugees in Jordan

    This organization has been working with Syrian refugees all over Jordan – Amman, Mafraq, Zaatari Camp – to give people a space to share their stories. I really believe that when situations are as dire, frustrating, tragic, unfathomable, heartbreaking, bleak, helpless, unexplainable as the current Syrian crisis, sometimes the best thing — the only thing — you can do is just be there for people. Let them tell their story, and really listen. It reminds us that every time a new refugees flees across the border (still 2,000 or more every day here in Jordan) its another individual, another story, another heart.

    The below story, and others, can be found on this blog:

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