Twice Displaced

One of the women living at the Za’atri refugee camp in Mafraq has a unique story, unfortunately unique in its sadness and unfairness.

She is of Syrian origins but was living in Libya with her family; a husband and 4 children the oldest of whom is 28. When the uprisings began in Libya last year the family opted for returning home to Syria. Unluckily the violence seemed to follow them even there. Her eldest son was taken into custody, she hadn’t heard from him in two months; all she has is a picture of him on her mobile phone which she showed me with pride, stroking his face as if he was in front of her. Her eyes started to tear up as she was telling me about all the young men in the prisons; their families don’t even know if they are dead or alive.

This woman has heart problems, and she is finding it difficult to adjust to the cold weather and harsh conditions that come with living in a camp. She is a talented knitter and a certified instructor, ” my certificate was burned along with my house back in Syria”. She also proudly showed off her knitted work to me. The week before we had provided the women with materials for knitting to pass the time and make some warm clothes for their families.


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