Jordanian Host Families

A woman, originally Jordanian, sought refuge from her family in Jordan where her mother lives in Mafraq. She is married to a Syrian who stayed behind and has recently been reported missing, she hasn’t heard from him for the past few weeks.

Her family is already of meager means; living in a run-down house where 20 people from four families each occupy a room. Their belongings are stacked up against the walls, many windows are missing the glass, and the ceiling is literally falling off on top of their heads.

The woman says she cannot complain about being a refugee after she saw what her family is going through. They rely on one small electric heater which they selflessly keep in the room of her sister, studying for her final year in school. Another sister is one year short of graduating from university, which she had to put on hold as she cannot take on any more loans and is unable to find any work to pay for her tuition fees.

Khaldyeh Heater

This is one of many examples of host Jordanian families barely able to make ends meet, but still openly provide a roof to house the Syrian refugees. However these families are enduring; they have innovatively created a kitchen under the staircase, even decorated each step with different types of pickles and plants.

Khaldyeh Kitchen


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