A Life of Hell

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Manal is a woman in her thirties with 5 daughters and a son. Her son, the youngest, came after years of pain and doors being closed in her face. All she felt she had left were her prayers.

Her husband did not care, he did not provide for his family as Allah had legislated in terms of alimony and raising the children. Manal was left to raise her six children alone.

Her husband’s main concern was to collect money for himself and relied on his brother to provide for Manal and her children. This forced Manal to abandon him because of his irresponsibility towards his family. She would have left him sooner to effectively provide for her family but she did not have a son yet. After 5 daughters she was blessed with a son, she decided to count on herself and work to provide for her family on her own. This way she was in control on their well-being and could protect them from becoming lost and homeless.

She started searching here and there for a decent job that would guarantee a good life for her children. She found work in retail, selling clothes for the women in the neighborhood and she became popular in town and well known as “the hardworking young entrepreneur.” Her situation improved and she became self-sufficient. She no longer needed help from her brother-in-law; who had been so drained providing for his brother’s family that he was unable to start a family of his own.

Following this and her success, her brother-in-law was also able to start a new life becoming successful in his own endeavors. Unfortunately, just as their situation was improving, a crisis started in their country. They decided to escape from the hell of war in their homeland to a place that could protect them. They fled to neighboring Jordan seeking protection in a refugee camp. However, to their dismay their forced exile was only the start of their suffering, a suffering that was worse than before.

Like most of the other Syrians who had fled, they had nothing. They left everything behind except for their children and the clothes on their back. They were struggling to figure out how to manage themselves with this new situation and the circumstances which prevent her from working inside the camp. She was puzzled and finally decided to leave the camp and rent a small house to shelter her and her family so that she would be able to work as she did back in her hometown.

However, things in exile were different, and again she was faced with the harsh reality of life as a refugee and the inability to work. She was again forced to become dependent on the charity of others. Manal, like many refugees look to God to find a solution.



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