A Child’s Pain




Ever since I began thinking of leaving Syria I had one clear goal: to keep my children away from the war and provide them a safe life. Soon after we left Syria, I decided to enroll my kids in a Jordanian school to fulfill the essential education needs of any child.

At first my kids were so happy about the prospect of going to school, that was until they actually attended. I noticed that they would come home in a shattered emotional state. I hadn’t seen them like that before, even when in the midst of the war.

My daughter told me about the discrimination they faced. Even the teachers’ treatment toward Syrian students was without humanity or empathy.

Everybody seems to have forgotten that our kids left out of fear from a country at war and that they had to deal with harsh circumstances in alienation. To make matters worse, the land of asylum makes them feel more alienated than they already are. Some Jordanian parents even tell their kids not to play with the Syrian kids, “they are refugees” as if they have some contagious disease.

Imagine our kids hearing such words! What can these children bare: a memory full of blood, bombing, fear and a future full of discrimination and despair?!

Please give my child the right to live!

Abeer Nasr Allah


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October 2, 2014 · 4:05 pm

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