We Are Coming Back



I left you with a feeling of hatred… hatred for my current situation and life in you

You became a nightmare and a darkness perched on my chest

I wanted a decent life, to live in a safe place, a place where I don’t hear the roaring of missiles and sounds of rifles…

A place where my kids can enjoy a calm life…

A place where I don’t wake up every day frightened that something bad happened to my children in the night, while I was away…

We didn’t ask for much…but unfortunately, we chose a place where its own people are suffering from poverty…

We feel like their situation and ours is one and the same…together we seek help from associations and fight for honest work and a decent wage and how I wish it would last instead of it being intermittent and based on the whims of the employer…

I see that we have no place in this country and no chance to make a living

Here we live in only the miserable present, with no past or future. We eat and drink and keep our brains in a plastic cover to protect it from everything; even the smallest thought escapes us, in here there is no scope to think… the road has been blocked from the start

I see, my dear land; that I am coming back to you…taking the first chance I get. Death in you with dignity is better than a life of humiliation



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September 18, 2014 · 10:22 am

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