Syrians or Martians?

A lot of the time we hear, while walking in the streets,

“He’s Syrian!”

“They’re Syrians!”

“She’s Syrian!”

What is so strange about it, what changed?

We’ve always walked in this country before becoming refugees!

Yes refugees! Is this the word that made us seem strangers in an Arab country? Are we from Mars?

Why all this painful talk? Did we choose to become refugees or was it forced on us?

As far as I know, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria are all called Levant.

There are no differences between us; we almost speak the same dialect, our Dabke and our cuisine are similar.

Did you forget the tabouleh, kibbeh, ful and fatteh

Don’t laugh

Did you forget that the Orontes River irrigates Hamah and Lebanon?

Did you forget that Yarmouk River irrigates Dara and Jordan?

Did you forget that there is a sea that links Syria and Palestine?

Did you forget the pain that connects us?

Don’t let the word “Refugee” separate us, please!

We are from Syria and not from Mars


Abeer Nasr Allah


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September 10, 2014 · 2:53 pm

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