Forgive us… The Blood of Our Martyrs



You smart ones… whose blood was spilt on the soil of the homeland and irrigated every inch of it… forgive us

Nothing is in our hands… but an induced mirage

Here in the land of alienation… the land of asylum… we struggle and quarrel

We want only our luck and nothing else…

Forgetting you…

How many chrysanthemums grew in our land…

Thousands… no, hundreds of thousands

Where are we from it… what rights does it disserve from us

The homeland needs blood for irrigation… and it has been irrigated… but what is next?

What is next after this sorrow… and this black nightmare?

And you, standing there, looking at us… with the look of a sad mother

When will her children come back to her so she can rest her eyes…

When will she see the good and giving from them…

Is there hope… or is there just pain?!

Sorrow… and sorrow which we welter in… and we are in the middle of a swirl… not knowing how to get out…

I see, you great one, that you are our rescuer and savior so extend us your hand and help us




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September 10, 2014 · 1:43 pm

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