Mohammad’s Story

Mohammad is a child like all others, or he was like all others. At 8 months old, he had a loving home and a caring family. This was until a bomb fell on his house, killing his parents and his four siblings, and leaving him with wounds that a young child can barely endure.

Mohammad’s relatives took care of him, but his grandma, who had previously fled to Jordan, felt that she needed to raise her grandson. This way, maybe she can regain a sense of tenderness after the loss that she had experienced. Mohammad was transferred across the border, while his wounds were weighing down on his frail body. It took three days, after which his grandma welcomed him with tears in her eyes. She held him close, hoping he can feel her love and care, and that she can be a mother to him after he had lost his own. Mohammad will grow up, and his wounds will heal; but what will help him overcome the bitterness of losing his entire family?

-Abir N.


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