Launch of the Voices of the Future Initiative

Monday saw the launch of the Voices of the Future initiative in our offices in Zarqa. We were joined by 65 students; both male and female, alongside the Voice team to engage the students in English classes, arts activities, and poetry writing. Only a few minutes after introductions, you could feel the enthusiasm building up in the groups as everyone was contributing to the activities, kicking off our first day with positive vibes.

ARDD-Legal Aid’s Voices of the Future project: Moving Forward Together and that’s how our first day ended, with smiles on everyone’s faces.

Boys Smiling Girls Group

It’s important for a community to come together to determine its priorities, and stemming from that, on Wednesday we had our second meeting with the bright students who came full of energy. They were all eager to learn, contribute, and expand their horizons.

As the Voices of the Future team, we were also very excited and happy to see those smiles. Happiness to us is seeing those students of different ages sharing their time with us through different activities that fit their needs.

We started by reading some poetry and then the students writing a poem of their own reflecting on what they identify with when they think about their home and about their community. Also before starting, the Voices of the Future team studied the community’s needs in the area that we are working in as a way for us to better design our program. This corresponds to our goal of contributing to the society and its youth to become able to make change.

Tell us about what you think of our project.

Next week we will be publishing the poems that the students wrote; what do you expect from them next week??


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