Hind’s Toys

When we decided to leave Syria and come to Jordan, I started going around the house packing our things. While doing that, I noticed my daughter Hind, who is 8 years old, holding a small bag in her hand. “What’s in the bag?” I asked her. She said to me, “These are my toys!” I asked her to leave those behind as we have a long way to go and we need to walk long distances; we can’t have a lot of luggage. Hind cried and cried, trying to convince me to take her toys, but eventually she left them at the house.

When we left, my husband refused to come with us and decided to stay behind. Whenever Hind would call him she would ask about her toys. One time he said to her, “How about I give your toys to the children in our neighborhood?” She refused telling her father that we’ll be back home soon.

A few days later, my children and I were watching the news and saw a lot of horrific images of what’s happening in Syria. Hind called her father right away and told him, “I saw all the destroyed houses, and children’s toys strewn around the rubble. They built a new refugee camp here in Jordan, so this means that we won’t be coming back soon. You can give my toys away now.”



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