The Country of Good

The other day when I was watching T.V., I saw the children of my country under the stifling siege. The reporter proceeded to ask them about what they want the most right now. Some replied that they are craving fruits and vegetables, some said they want bread, and one little girl said, “I want a chicken”.

Oh what happened to the country of good, and to happy days that have passed? The feasts and meetings between relatives and neighbors used to be filled with the tastiest food, drink, and desserts. Now, however, the country of good is unable to give a loaf of bread to a hungry child. It’s not because there is no more good in my country, but because there are stone cold hearts disguised as humans, stopping food from reaching those young children who are like sprouts that haven’t bloomed yet.

How I wished that I can break the T.V. screen and invite all of those children out. I would give them all the food that they want so they don’t have to suffer anymore.

Is the world incapable of getting bread to those children? Or is this image of children in my country so mundane now, like a story or a television series with over a hundred episodes filled with painful stories, that the audience has become heartless?



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