We Will Meet in Homs

I got a visit from one of my Jordanian neighbors and she was telling me how delighted she is meeting all the Syrians who live in this area. She asked which part of Syria I’m from, and as soon as I told her that I am from Homs she began enthusiastically telling me all the places she knows there. Starting from the Khaled Bin Il Waleed mosque, to the Dababeer Gardens, Dablan Street, the covered market, El Assi River, Qutainah Lake, and the Wa’er Gardens. She talked about the ponds of water in the streets, enthusiasm at meeting new people, hospitality, supplies for the year, and clothes for the Eid. She told me how she found the best shops in Homs, with the best prices and best quality. Fresh fruits and vegetables, all kinds of Arabic sweets and chocolates, and restaurants filled with tourists from all over the world. I closed my eyes for a second while she was describing those scenes; for seconds, she took me back to my warm country. I was so happy listening to her, especially when she told me that she visited Homs more than 4 times a year. I promised myself that as soon as I return to my country, and I’m sure that we will, that she will be the first person I call to invite to my home.

-Um Adeeb


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