My Syria

Lost in the sea of life, anxious to meet God, away from ‘here’. A confused mind, body, and soul. My eyes are bleeding, my veins are crying, my mind is beating fast, and my heart does not stop thinking for a second.

Guide me and make of me a machine that works without any thinking, for I don’t want to be thoughts and feelings away from you, my Syria. Where are you, my happiness? Where are you, my life? Away from you I find life dark and lonesome, I see oppression, humiliation, pain, and noise. This life is strange for me, its colors are suspicious, and so I walk blindly. My heart is clenched; I don’t know a road, a person, or a place. I can’t distinguish tastes or even a drink of water.

This is me away from you, broken and in despair. Take me back to you, my Syria. Take me back to you and have me die in your arms. Take me back to you, just for a moment, and then you can take my soul. I will be satisfied, just take me back to you…



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Filed under General, Return and Resettlement

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