Postponed Dreams

It was seldom that the inhabitants of this village in Der’aa would agree on something as their history is filled with disagreements between brothers and cousins. They would disagree on things like land ownership, inheritance, community leaders, control of water resources, etc… All of this developed into our modern times to political, religious, and belief-related disagreements that dominate the chapter of disagreements passed on from one generation to the next.

 However, despite all their disagreements, the inhabitants of this village can only agree on one thing; that Haifa, the daughter of one of the most prominent men in the village, and who just graduated with a degree in ophthalmology from a university in Damascus, is definitely the most beautiful girl in the village, perhaps in the whole governorate of Der’aa. They also agree that her fiancé, Jaber, who was her colleague throughout her 5 years in university, is without a doubt the perfect match for her. He is not lacking in status, morals, or looks. The couple was very understanding and they soon agreed to hold their wedding in September of 2011. They even took care of the smallest details; buying the dress, deciding on the place where the wedding will be held, the number and names of all the invitees, the invitations, and even what food will be served.

The only things that the couple didn’t take into consideration are the events that took the country by storm in the beginning of March of that year. Starting in Der’aa and destroying everything in its way. Postponing, if not completely cancelling, any plans for the future, leaving Haifa and Jaber to exchange news over mobile phones. They often exchange jokes on the phone, but they resemble the tragedy of their postponed dream, its possibility determined by dark chances.



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