Don’t Belittle my Suffering

Due to the current situation in my country, women are facing increasing challenges in their lives, and they’re not only financial problems that affect them, but also moral difficulties. A woman has to deal with the misery of having lost her house and moved to another country where she knows no one, and has nothing. She lives with her family; her husband and her children, with no sense of stability, and she has to take on many new responsibilities because of the situation.

This is the story of Um Mohammad, that tells me her story after she and her family had to leave Syria. She tells me, “I started working as a cleaning lady in an orphanage to help provide some basic needs for my family and my children. I had to take on a job because since we left Syria, my husband spends most of his time sitting at home; he doesn’t like to go out or deal with people at all. He has become more aggressive; and everyday when I return home from my job he starts attacking me with harsh words, he always tries to blame for what happened. He says that he has lost everything; his house, his job, and he left his land and country…”

Um Mohammad continues describing the difficulties that she faces with her husband, saying, “Sometimes he decides that he doesn’t want to speak to me for days, or he tries to belittle my work, my words, or any idea that I suggest. He treats me as if I didn’t suffer like he did, as if I didn’t also lose my house, my relatives, and my neighbors. It’s like he’s the only one who’s allowed to express his anger, while I’m expected to stay silent. I’m at a loss; how can I deal with him? How can I avoid the frustration that he causes me? I tried to find excuses for him but I can’t take it anymore. On the one hand, I have to work to be able to support my family, but on the other hand I go back to a house without any comfort, and instead it’s a daily struggle that has destroyed my psyche. I wish that he can appreciate what I’m doing for my family, tries to change the way that he treats me, and stands by me during these difficult times.”



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