Voice Holds Legal Awareness Sessions on VAW in Zarqa

ARDD-Legal Aid held legal awareness sessions in its office in Zarqa governorate on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The sessions were part of the global 16 Days of Activism campaign against gender-based violence that the organization has joined through its project, Voice. The legal awareness sessions talked about violence against women (VAW) from the perspective of the law, and linked it to social trends and norms. ARDD lawyer, Adv. Bassam Al Dmour, discussed the different types of violence mentioned in the Jordanian law, the importance of adhering to it, as well as the gender-neutrality of the law; as it does not differentiate between males and females.

The sessions targeted around 60 Syrian and Jordanian women, also to raise awareness about the equal application of the Jordanian law to anyone living inside Jordan, being Jordanian or not. The women participated enthusiastically in the sessions, where they asked questions and debated some of the legal information that they had. Adv. Dmour, in turn, pointed out any common misconceptions about the law. The women expressed their benefit from the sessions, and the added value of the information they now possess.

Next week, ARDD-Legal Aid will hold more legal awareness sessions on the same topic to Syrian and Jordanian women in Amman.

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