Hunger Has No Mercy

They say that hunger has no mercy, but I didn’t know the true meaning of that until the beginning of the conflict in Syria.

Yes, hunger has no mercy…if only it can be eradicated.

But it is left alive so it can kill, and people become without mercy.

When I saw that girl, I remembered that saying.

She is a girl from Damascus, and her name is “Qamar Al Sham” (meaning the moon of Damascus). Her name suits her, for her face is round and bright, lighting up the darkness.

What state do you think she’s in when she’s sleeping with her family in a refugee camp?

Qamar Al Sham has long awaited the prince of her dreams, for him to come and ask for her hand in marriage. But unfortunately, her dreams are now lost, and all she thinks about is a place for her and her family to stay; not caring about how the place is like, or what kind of food they will eat.

One day, there was an old man walking by the tents, and he saw her and her mother sitting outside.

He said hello then proceeded to ask, “Is your daughter available for marriage?” They both looked at him, and then the mother asked, “And who is the groom?” He replied confidently, “Can’t you see me?”

The mother looked at her daughter, and then asked the man, “Will there be a house to take us all in?”

He replied, “Yes…”

They were all quiet for a few moments, and the mother started thinking how she can get out of this life. She found that her daughter’s marriage to that old man is the only solution; hoping to find a proper shelter for herself and her family, without thinking about her daughter’s youth that will be wasted away. And so she said, “Let us go to the marriage celebrant.” Without saying a word, Qamar Al Sham went along with the old man, and left behind her all her hopes, she left behind her prince from dreams that are long forgotten. All she thinks about now is the food that she and her mother will eat, and a house that will shelter them.

Yes, it is hunger…



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