Violence Cannot be Faced with Silence

It seems to me that violence in its different forms has increased greatly over the last few years. Violence against women, in particular, is one of the most talked about forms of violence as it’s a social phenomenon that specialized organizations are still trying to address in various ways. This violence is practiced against women solely based on gender, and its spread in society will cause long-term negative effects on communities.

Sarah is a mother of 3 children, and was subjected to violence from her husband on a daily basis, and in different ways. He would abuse her physically her with no mercy or pity and for no valid reason, until this became a daily habit for him. This caused Sarah’s psychological and physical state to deteriorate, and she started suffering from anemia and depression. What made all that worse is her young children witnessing what is happening with their own eyes. These events will definitely be stuck in their memories and have negative effects on their psychological well-being. Despite this, Sarah’s community, including her mother and relatives, accept what is happening to her and aren’t acting to stop it.

This violence that is practiced against Sarah, if not stopped, will cause further damage to her and her children, and not only that; but it could spread wider in society. Sarah isn’t the only person who suffers from violence, but there are many cases like hers, and they shouldn’t be silent anymore and hide their pain from the world. Solving this problem isn’t impossible; there are many organizations that focus on fighting violence against women, which makes it possible to reach out. Moreover, these organizations take into account the privacy and confidentiality of all victims. In the end, what we aspire to is a community free from violence and discrimination; a woman is a human being just like men and boys. She constitutes half of society, and society depends on her.



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