I am a Mother

I salute you, World…

I am a mother from Syria, Syria is a country considered to be part of this World…

I am a mother, and my story is the story of hundreds of mothers in my country;

I am a mother who woke up one day to the sound of an explosion that shook her house, and to debris, shrapnel, and destruction all around her…

I am a mother; who shook off the debris off her feet and hurried to check on her house, so she found her four children sleeping under the rubble. I tried to wake them up, but they wouldn’t budge…they had smiles on their faces, and light shining from their faces…

I am a mother; who thought then that her children were playing a prank, so she started wiping their eyes, but they were still smiling…

Then people came and filled the place, they all started screaming;

I am a mother; who said to the people there: “What is the matter? The children are sleeping!”

The people said: “May you find strength in God, for they have returned to him…”

I am a mother, who started to kiss, smell, and hold her children, telling them: “Don’t be scared, these people are insane…”

“My children; wake up, wake up, wake up”…and they were still smiling…

I am a mother, whose voice woke up millions, but didn’t wake up her sleeping children…

So the mother said goodbye to four birds ascending to heaven, wondering why this could happen. Is their sin that they were dreaming?


birds 2


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