This is My Message, and My Aspiration

“Yes, I can overcome all the challenges that come my way. And, yes, I can still improve myself, and my community.” This is what twenty two year-old Omar said, after suffering as a result of the conflict in Syria.

Omar tells us his story:

“I lost my right leg when I was in Rural Damascus, caught in the middle of all the fighting, and I had to move to another area looking for safety. I was a burden to others travelling with me as I couldn’t move around without someone’s help, so I had no choice but to leave Syria. However, it was my fate to be hit again in my other leg. This led me to take the decision to leave as soon as possible due to the lack of surgeons, medical equipment, and medication in Syria. I arrived at the Jordanian border but I had to stay there for 5 days to complete some procedures. This caused complications to my injury that needed quick medical intervention which entailed the amputation of my leg.

“I didn’t mind losing my two legs as much as I was in pain for having to live outside of my county and away from my family. After the operation I went to live in designated accommodation for injured Syrian refugees in Mafraq. As soon as I arrived I could see that my situation was the worst out of all of them. I could see the way they looked at me with pity, and this is when I started to struggle to make amends with myself, after the psychological breakdown that I had suffered. For after having an independent life, I now had to depend on others for the simplest of things; I can’t even go to the bathroom without assistance.”

Omar sighs with a smile on his face and goes on, “Despite all that I have built my courage and self-confidence. The way I act around people is like any normal person does, until this changed into a real feeling inside me. I really am a normal person who didn’t lose anything; the part of me that’s gone just went ahead of me to heaven. I know that God will be kind to me and I live my life today on the hope that the near future will be better. I want to transfer this hope to others, and this is my message and what I aspire for. And, yes, I can change what is around me by instilling hope, love, and courage.”



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