The Voice Project Contributes to Raising Legal Awareness and Psycho Social Support in Zarqa

Legal Session- Zarqa

ARDD-LA began delivering awareness raising sessions to its beneficiaries of Syrian refugees within the Voice project who are living in Zarqa. The team delivered the first two sessions last Tuesday in the organization’s community center in Zarqa, where the first session was on refugee rights, while the PSS session was on ways that refugees can overcome distress and difficulties caused by their situation and how they can adapt to their lives as refugees.

The legal session aimed to raise awareness on the Jordanian Labor Law; where it started with defining the concept of work and the importance of a work contract binding both sides to their duties and ensuring their rights. Moreover, the importance of the clarity of the contract was discussed and the types of contracts that can be bound by a time period or not. The session then turned to stress the importance of the Jordanian Labor Law and its application to all those working in the Kingdom regardless of their nationality. In addition to that, the rights and duties of an employee within the Labor Law were mentioned including details about ending a contract and its expiration. The session ended with a summary of the topics addressed and participants were given time to ask questions that are not personal, for reasons of privacy.

The PSS session was delivered to Syrian women and aimed at helping them cope with having to leave their country and get used to living in a new community; integrating into the society. The session was interactive where the participants shared personal experiences of what they went through coming to Jordan. They talked about feelings of loss and what they left behind; being that family members, memories carried with them, places that were difficult to leave, work, or study…From there the discussion turned to ways of overcoming these feelings, some of which were shared by the participants to give an idea about what helped them through these difficult times. The session also referred to issues of integration of Syrian refugees into the host community, and how they can get accustomed to living there; taking into account their new feelings about joining this community.

These sessions are a part of a series of sessions that ARDD-LA is going to hold within the Voice project for Syrian refugees, and will also include Jordanians who are members of the host communities that Syrian refugees are living in. They will address the legal and PSS needs of the community, them being Syrian refugees or Jordanians.


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