ARDD-Legal Aid Introduces its New Psycho-Social Support Service

            ARDD-Legal Aid has proudly introduced psycho social support to the other services provided in the organization. As our work deals with providing legal consultation, mediation, and representation to refugees who have faced traumatic experiences as a result of political and social violence. Consequently, in addition to the same legal services being offered to vulnerable Jordanians, extra care is being taken to make sure that all of our beneficiaries are receiving not only the best legal aid for their cases, but also that they are being supported emotionally and psychologically throughout the legal process.

Thanks to the work of ARDD-Legal Aid’s Psycho-Social Support Services, our beneficiaries are able to receive short-term counseling and support on the issues they have faced as a result of war; any traumatic experiences, and gender-based violence. By having psycho-social support (PSS) Specialists on the legal team, lawyers are better supported and more well-equipped to handle their cases in the context of any mental health issues or distress that a beneficiary may be facing.

 In addition, we in ARDD-Legal Aid have conducted workshops joining Syrians and Jordanians in the governorate of Balqa on integration into host communities and coping after distressing experiences, in an effort to provide our beneficiaries with information about positive coping methods and stress management. Handouts were prepared to the group participants about problem-solving techniques, breathing exercises to reduce stress, helping children deal with distress, along other topics. Reactions have been positive; with many who participated in these workshops in Baq’aa and Ein El Basha in the governorate of Balqa remarking that afterwards they were able to see the positive effects of their newfound stress management skills on themselves and those around them. We see this as a step in the right direction towards ensuring that refugees as well as members of the host communities are given the support and access to mental health resources that are needed in a time of crisis.

Psycho-Social Support Specialist, Dr. Lina al-Darras, during one of the PSS workshops.

Psycho-Social Support Specialist, Dr. Lina al-Darras, during one of the PSS workshops.


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