ARDD-Legal Aid Distributes Meat on Eid Al Adha

ARDD-Legal Aid, in cooperation with French Islamic relief organization Secours Islamique France (SIF), distributed the meat of sacrificed sheep during Eid Al Adha to 650 families of Syrian refugees and Jordanians in need in the capital Amman. Forty eight local sheep were sacrificed and distributed equally to each family with approximately 3KG per family. The meat was distributed with the support of Women of Naser Organization, and Sanabel Al Nour Al Khairi Center.

This project is considered another success of the cooperation between the two organizations in implementing seasonal activities; where they worked together last Ramadan to distribute food packages across Jordan which was followed by the distribution of meat during Eid Al Adha. This activity gave smiles and hope to the many families that benefited from this project at a time where they suffer from an increase in costs of living and a difficult economic situation. These factors contribute to many families being deprived of basic expensive goods like meats.

ARDD-Legal Aid would like to thank Islamic Relief-France for its continued cooperation in implementing projects benefiting Syrian refugees in Jordan. It would also like to thank the community based organizations and volunteers that contributed to work on this project.


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