Interactive Workshop Teaching Children about Health and Hygiene

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The Voice Team accompanied Oxfam’s host community team on Wednesday to a workshop it held at Zaha Cultural Center in Amman. The workshop was organized for Syrian children living in informal settlements in different areas of Amman and Balqa, where the aim was to teach children about self hygiene and what they can do in their current environment to stay healthy. In-turn, the children take back these steps that they have learnt and teach the other children in their community.

The trainings that were delivered to the children by public health officer, Madlein Abu Amrieh, and her colleague Abdullah Saraqbeh, took the form of interactive games in order to get the children’s attention, deliver the message in a simple way, and encourage them to be conscious about their health and hygiene. Some of the games involved role play where the children would demonstrate how  to wash their hands before eating, and this also gives them a chance to practice before going back to their communities and showing other children what skills and information they have learnt.

The workshop also ended with suggestions for future activities; the most important of which is a cleanup campaign that the children will undertake in their communities. They also expressed enthusiasm to be a part of the activities on Global Handwashing Day which takes place on Oct. 14th every year.

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