Memories of a Child from Baba Amr

Qamar is an eight-year old girl who had to flee from the Baba Amr area in Homs with her family. They made their journey to Jordan last winter. Qamar told me some of the memories that she carried with her, the painful memories that she will never forget:

“I can still hear the bombs and the screams of the people of Baba Amr in my ears. How can I forget how my father led us to sleep in the bathroom at night so its walls can protect us from bombs and bullets. And how we only used to eat lentils and burghol for days, sometimes months. How I missed the taste of freshly baked bread…I can’t forget how we held our rosaries to pray to God to save us from what we were living through. Every once in a while we would hear the voice of the neighbor whose son was killed, and the one screaming out of fear but with no one able to come to her rescue…I can never forget how we left our house when we were ordered to evacuate, how we walked in the snow until we got separated from our mother, and how much we cried. We searched in people’s eyes for any sign that can lead us to where our parents were, until we found them the next day. I can’t forget how we always waited to hear the sound of the bomb twice; once when it was launched, and second when it lands. Hearing the bomb twice meant that we are still alive”

-Um Adeeb


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