Driving Without a License

Twenty-six year old Ali lives in Jordan with his family after having escaped the harrows of war in Syria. His father was badly injured and his injuries resulted in his death after they came into Jordan, and so Ali became the only breadwinner for his mother and four younger siblings.

Ali tried to search for a job that would enable him to provide the basics for his family; he worked for short intervals in carrying goods, construction, painting houses, collecting and selling junk, and at a sweets shop. Ali was always facing challenges that forced him to leave one job or the other; either from not receiving his paycheck, arguments that ensued between him and the employer, or fears of working illegally.

This went on for a few months until Ali found an opportunity to work as a personal driver. He considered himself very lucky to have found this job, and worked as a driver for a while until one day as he stopped to fill the car with petrol he was surprised with the police approaching him and asking for his license and registration. Naturally, Ali doesn’t have any of these documents which lead to the seizing of the vehicle and the arrest of Ali.

To be able to be let go, Ali had to pay a fine for driving the car without a license, and the owner of the car had to also pay another fine to be able to retrieve his vehicle and its documents. Ali of course lost his job that was against the law to begin with!

This is not the only story of its kind that we receive on ARDD-Legal Aid’s emergency line; for this problem has faced many like Ali. We advise everyone to abide by the rules and regulations and respect the legal procedures associated with driving in Jordan in order to avoid any legal trouble. Any non-Jordanian wishing to drive in Jordan needs to have a driving license from his own country or an international license, and is only allowed to drive commercial vehicles. Attaining an international license in Jordan is easy and inexpensive. Any non-Jordanian wishing to drive a private vehicle must attain a Jordanian license after going through the proper procedures. For more information about instructions and procedures related to issuing a Jordanian driver’s license don’t hesitate to contact us on our emergency line below.

Emergency Line: 0777387221


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