A Somber Salute

Abu Imad lives in Zaatari camp, and works selling fool (a traditional Arabic mix of beans and spices). He has a peculiar story with military planes, for whenever one passes overhead he stands and salutes it! I asked him why he does that, and he answered me with a sorrowful tone: “I used to work in selling fool since a long time, then I got married and I was blessed with an only son. I raised him and I made sure he received an education until he grew up and became a pilot. I was extremely happy whenever he would return home from his job, he would run to me and kiss my hands in front of his friends. I asked him not to do that because I don’t want to embarrass him; I am a simple man selling fool, but he always insisted and told me proudly ‘I am proud of you, dad, for if it wasn’t for you and the fool I would have never become a pilot.’ But with the crisis and the events occurring in Syria Imad was killed, and since that day I see Imad in every military plane that passes, and so I salute it.”

– Aisha


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