The Time Machine

 When we were kids, we used to watch a cartoon show named The Time Machine; it showed a machine that was capable of taking us to the past or the future, showing us stories from the time it takes us to. Now and here, in my own imagination, the time machine turned into reality; so I asked it to take me to the future of Syria after the war. At first, it took me to where my school used to be, to find out that its walls were destroyed, its doors were damaged, and its seats were turned upside down, after it used to be packed with students in the courtyard, then the supervisor would ring the bell to announce the end of the break, and some students would run around to make use of the little time left to buy food quickly before going back to their classes…

I felt very sad for what I saw, so I rushed to the time machine and told it to take me to my neighborhood. When I arrived there I found that the near bakery had been abandoned, and is now covered with black because of the bombing and damage that happened to its surroundings, unlike how it used to be back in the day; when the smell of delicious, fresh bread used to spread around, how people used to stand in the queue, and how the baker Abu Hasan used to weigh bread and sell it…

I left the bakery feeling sad again, I went to see the building where our apartment is, to find that no harm happened to it, I thanked God and went upstairs, to find that the door of our neighbor Um Jamil’s apartment was open, and I saw her sitting inside playing with her little granddaughter. She was pleased to see me and invited me in to drink some tea with her so I went in. While I was waiting for Um Jamil to prepare the tea, looking around inside the house, I saw a portrait hanging with a black scarf around it, there was a line written below it that said: “Martyr Jamil, whom the fires of war have taken away from between his family”. I went back with my memory, to see how Jamil used to come back with candy and toys to his little daughter, and how he used to play football with the neighbors’ boys in the past…

I greeted Um Jamil, then I left her house rapidly towards my time machine, telling it to bring me back to my present; as I’ve had enough of the terrible damage that I saw in my homeland, hoping that the crisis would end soon, but not as I’ve seen it in my visit to the future via my time machine; but rather to end with peace having prevailed, damage having stopped, and with getting rid of all the hatred and dark feelings that are as dark as the damage that the war has left behind, so that Syria would become better than it used to be.

– Aisha.

Tank in Syria


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