A Difficult Decision

Huda left Syria with her family to Jordan, and each of them settled in a different area of the country. A few weeks after they arrived, Huda’s parents went to visit her and found out that she has been working at a beauty salon to cover some of her family’s needs. This caused her parents to wage a war against her and her husband, saying that this is against cultural norms and traditions. On hearing that, Huda burst out in anger, “You didn’t allow me to study, then you married me off to a careless man who doesn’t care if we sleep on the streets, and now we are in a situation where we need money! What shame will come upon my family if I work to feed my children? Or to shelter them in a house to protect them from the summer’s heat and the winter’s cold months? Will your customs and traditions provide my children and I with our needs?” After hearing that, Huda’s parents gave her a choice; either she leaves her job or they will not speak to her and sever all their ties. Huda made the difficult choice of cutting the ties with her parents, choosing it over leaving herself and her children with an unknown future if she gives up her only source of income. She is hoping that her parents will change their views towards working women soon.



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