A Heavy Burden

Om Fadi is an old woman with her only son, who happens to be with disabilities, had no choice but to seek refuge in Jordan to escape death, “He is unable to make his own decision” says the mother, “I am the one responsible for him in this world and in the hereafter, and I do not want to lose in this situation whom I have sacrificed my life to serve”.

Om Fadi and Fadi arrived at Za’tari camp, but they didn’t stay there for long because they have found who sponsored them and rented a house for them, in addition to helping them with food and water. Nevertheless, the heaviest burden on the mother’s shoulder would still be her son’s medicine, let alone taking care of him, especially that he needs a special treatment, whereas she is a 75-year-old woman. Om Fadi releases a sigh, saying: “After all these years, my only wish before leaving this world is to find good people who would take care of my son, so that I would die in peace”.

– Zeina


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