If You Don’t Believe then Listen

It’s not a continuation of the “Bab Al Hara” series, nor a story from A Thousand and One Nights; that is how I replied to my neighbor when she asked about the truth about what is happening in my country. She thought it was a game being played by the media to mislead people. I asked my youngest son to draw his school for her, and he did as if it was right in front of him, then he went on telling her about the kinds of weapons he saw and how he can distinguish them by sound. He told her about what he saw with his own eyes of terror, bombing, water and electricity cuts, tear gas, and bodies lined on the sides of the streets. He spoke of how he begged me to leave the house because he couldn’t endure the sleepless nights, the fatigue and the hunger any longer. He couldn’t watch the missiles anymore that explode and explode everything around them; people and houses. Then he went to get her a sample and show her; “This was in my father’s brain, and this is a scan of his shattered skull with shrapnel still inside.” Then he asked her to visit the hospitals in Jordan and see how many people lost their limbs or became paralyzed. After that she became speechless, and she apologized saying: “If a child can tell me all this, I don’t need to ask the adults.” She hoped that we will get relief soon.

– Um Adeeb


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