Lekaa’s Story

Life is nothing more than a series of lessons…it’s been almost 7 months since my husband Basel and I docked our boat in Zaatari Camp. It started like a short nightmare, but it went on. It’s difficult for a person to leave behind family, friends, neighbors, books, and memories; and then be unable to find them. But this is what fate had planned for us. This journey started with an adventure that gave me joy as I was on a mission to achieve a goal. After a month of being in the camp I decided to go back to Syria to finish my university exams and graduate. Indeed I went back, did my exams, and graduated. I was away from my husband for two months, and I went through a lot trying to get back to him, that it almost cost me my life. Yes, the road was very dangerous and strenuous, especially that I am pregnant; I’m pregnant in my last month now. My child has lived inside me all throughout my adventure, and soon she will be living the adventure herself. Although, I never imagined that this journey would last so long that my child would have to be born and suffer here.

Nothing much has changed in my life since I came back to the camp; I live a killing routine every day but I am determined to keep fighting. I plant in myself patience and hope that I would leave the camp; it’s like a fish hating to come out of the water, even if that water was polluted. For my husband and I, living here is a shared suffering, for we share with all these people the same conditions and the same details of life. It is easier than going somewhere and forgetting who we are or why we are here. That’s why I stand beside any person living my suffering in Zaatari, enduring life’s difficulties and joys all at once. I tell them to be patient for, God willing, this will end soon. I also stand beside anyone helping us, the Syrian people here, get our voices and suffering out to the world.

– Lekaa’



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