On a Ramadan Day

I will never foget that day of Ramadan last year when I was in my home city Homs in Syria, I was preparing the food for breaking the fast, the atmosphere was peaceful at that moment, so I sent my 10-year-old son Adeeb to the bakery to bring us some bread. A few moments after I heard my neighbor who lives in the upper floor screaming that bombing started in the market because a committee of the UN arrived and people gathered around them. In one moment, the sound of shooting started banging around houses and shops, and people’s screaming and the sound of shattering glass started getting louder, I asked my kids to bring me the phone and called their uncle to look for my son, but he told me that it is unsafe to go to the market area now, and that my son might have been shot. However, he called me back one hour later and told me that Adeeb arrived to his grandfather’s house with the help of some neighbors. Suddenly, my kids shouted: “Mom, look at the kitchen’s floor!”, it was covered with blood; I hadn’t felt that I had broken the dishes and walked on top of the shattered glass! That was the ninth time that Adeeb could escape the gunfire, and thank God, he is still safe and living among us.

– Um Adeeb


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July 30, 2013 · 4:28 pm

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