The Decision

I’ve never expected that I would regret any decision I made in my life, since I’m the wise decision maker who faced the society in its different segments and with all of its criticism. I raised my kids on my own after my husband died, and I made it through. After my sons have grown up to become mature men and after they got married and had kids, the crisis started, and due to the hard livelihood circumstances in this crisis they decided to flee Syria, but they failed to convince me to flee with them, to flee my home. However, after living on my own for a while, and with all my neighbors being displaced and all my relatives dispersing, I realized that my decision was wrong. But what good would regret do me now? I have tried to follow them many times but I failed each time because of the difficulty of fleeing Syria, and now I’m on my own, spending my days remembering my kids and our days together when we used to gather in feasts and events, and how much my grandchildren used to enjoy the stories I would narrate to them, I went on remembering all the details… But now I only wonder, are we ever going to gather again? Or will I forever be the victim of my own decision?..

– Aisha



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July 29, 2013 · 3:36 pm

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