A Widowed Refugee

On a recent visit to the Baq’aa Refugee camp -home to Palestinian refugees in Jordan since 1967- the Voice team met Muna; a young widowed Syrian refugee living there with her three children. Muna recounted her story to the team.

Muna lived in one of the villages of the Syrian governorate  of Dar’aa with her husband Saleh, who decided to join the fighting in his country. He would be gone for days to fight and then return home, until one day he received a phone call from a good friend asking him to go to the neighboring village as something urgent has come up. While on his way there during the night, he was caught in the trap of some armed men who captured him, shot him, and blew up his car. His family didn’t know of what happened until the next day; when his body was found with his mobile phone is his hand, as if wanting to call his family and tell them what had happened.

Muna didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t stay with her husband’s family despite the fact that he is her cousin; her other male cousins still lived in the same house and it was inappropriate. So she went back to her parent’s house with her three children. Her parents, however, weren’t doing well financially and the increasing security threats in the area forced her to come to Jordan and live at her brother’s house.

Her deceased husband’s parents didn’t assist her with anything since arriving in Jordan, they have fled Syria and sought refuge in Jordan as well. Muna says their financial state is dire. She still lives with her brother and his family, sharing what little they have. Muna wishes she can move and live independently with her children, but without any income her wishes are out of reach.

– Voice Team


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