Three-year-old Rahaf would wave goodbye to her father every morning and say: “Goodbye Baba, bring me a toy with you when you come back.” One day she would ask for a toy car, the next she would ask for sweets; her father wouldn’t return unless he has what Rahaf requested. One day, he left in the morning and hasn’t returned until now…

Rahaf still waits for her father to come home every evening, she asks her older brother about him and he answers with sadness in his eyes: “Baba is traveling, but he got you this”. Rahaf would stretch her hand and take the toy, but giving her brother a stern look as if to tell him that she knows he is lying to her. She would run to one side of the room, sit and look at the toy, she holds it her hand then hides it. Her mother asked her, “Why did you hide the toy?” Rahaf would answer innocently, “So I can play with it with Baba when he comes home.”

Rahaf lives with her mother and two brother in Libya, hoping that her father would return to buy her all she asks for and carry her on his shoulders like he used to.

– Roula


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