The Fires of Joy

One Friday I went to visit a friend of mine, who lives close to me in Amman, to have a cup of coffee and exchange some talks, the moment I arrived there we started hearing the sounds of heavy gunfire outside that lasted for more than ten minutes and horrified us. When the firing stopped, we started laughing, because my friend’s nine year old son had lied down on the ground, putting his hands on his head screaming: “LIE DOWN”, his five year old sister ran to hide in a small corner, while their youngest, two year old, sister started shouting and crying of panic. My thirteen year old daughter remained in shock for moments, looking completely pale… We got that scared because for a few minutes we felt as if we were still in Homs, where gunfire noises and bombings outside would not stop.

The next day, we found out that the heavy gunfire was just a form of expression of one family because their son graduated from university, so they expressed their joy, while we almost died of horror.

– Rola

Fires of Joy


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July 11, 2013 · 3:41 pm

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