The Concerns of Expatriation

I wouldn’t have known that the walls of that house were hiding behind them concerns of people that were burdened by their life in exile away from home, until I knocked their door to reveal all these secrets. Abu Mohammed lives at his brother’s house, each of them has their own family, and the two families in total consist of 15 people living in one house that is in miserable conditions to say the least, however, the big family agreed to live in this house because they have been looking for a house that would protect them from the humiliation of living in refugee camps.

Abu Mohammed has a son who still lives in Syria, and another one living here burdened with his heavy injuries, in a big need both financially and morally to heal. “I am patient and leaving all of my burdens to God” said Abu Mohammed, “Because I know that I will eventually go back home overcoming all what I’m of the pain and suffering I’m enduring now”. I asked Um Mohammed about what she thinks, she answered saying: “We are not sad because of what has happened to us because it all was destined from God, but we feel sad and sorry for all the weakness of our nation”, then Um Mohammed ended her words saying: “All what I’m wishing for from God is to heal my wounded son, and protect my other son in Syria”.

– Zeina


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July 10, 2013 · 4:16 pm

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