Maternal Instinct

I would like to ask my pen to convey my feelings while writing this incredible story that talks about the motherhood of a Syrian woman, who has given up everything, everyone around her and all what she used to have, from the tiniest things to the biggest ones, just for the safety of her only child “Dana”… This woman has left Syria after hopeless discussions and arguments with her husband, trying to convince them that they should flee Syria to protect their lives and the one of their only daughter, but he remained persistent to stay in Syria and hold on to their patience, “Only what God has destined to us will happen to us” he said, but she refused to obey him and held on to her decision to protect her daughter; especially that Dana was ill and in need for a surgery for her ears, thus, the woman took her fateful decision of separating from her husband to save her daughter’s life…

The mother came to Jordan seeking safety, so she arrived to Jordan after three days of endurance on the way until she ended up in Za’tari camp. The moment she arrived she took her daughter to the medical clinics in the camp, who assisted her and did their best to provide all what is needed to help Dana have her surgery, this way Dana will hopefully be healed, and will continue to live her life with her mother who has left everything behind and decided that her daughter would be her whole life.

– Zeina


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July 9, 2013 · 6:00 pm

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