The Festival of Joy..and the Festival of Destruction

Bader is a Syrian child painting the skies of Amman with colorful kites. He makes them out of wooden sticks, wires, and nylon bags. He sells them and helps bring in some money for his family. Bader told me that when he lived in his village in Syria, him and his friends would take part in a kite festival every year, right around this time of year. He called his friends whom are still in Syria to ask if they are taking part in this festival now, but then he broke down crying. He told me that his friends replied that they haven’t seen the blue sky in weeks; planes of death are bombarding their village with shells and bombs. The festival of joy became a festival of death and destruction. However, Bader promised me that he will keep making his kites and decorating them in the hopes of going back home and holding a festival of peace.

-Um Adeeb

Kites 1 Kites 2


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