When Times are Hard

His house was destroyed, he lost his wife and two children, and all he had left was a son who lives with his family in Ma’an in Jordan. He left Syria and went to his son, where he was welcomed for a few days after which his son convinced him to go back his city of Homs. Despite everything, he went back to Syria, but where to? And to whom? He doesn’t have a house or a family to go back to. Things became more difficult so he went back to his son in Ma’an, he went back there missing his grandchildren. However, a few days after he arrived his son started making him feel unwelcome and that he cannot afford to have him live with them, so he sent him to some relatives in Amman.

One of the relatives decided to intervene to make things better between father and son, but the son had conditions, one of which is that his father doesn’t come and live with him. He told him, “You are my father, but from far away.” Upon hearing that his father became upset and started yelling at his son, but his son left the room without showing any concern.

What is strange is that the son has moved to Amman now, but is concealing his address from all his relatives so that his father cannot reach him, not even for a visit!



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