What is the Difference?

I passed by Abu Suhaib, an old man, sitting on the sidewalk and shaking his head. At first, I thought it was because he lost his leg during the bombing in Syria, but when I told him to thank God that he is better off than all the people left back in Syria, tears started running down his face. He replied, “What is the difference between here and there? There we are getting killed every second, and here the bitterness of refuge is killing us! Look at me, I lost my wife, my children, and my home from the bombing, and I escaped alone with an amputated leg. All of this when we remained neutral, not on anyone’s side. I was always warning my children about taking sides, but nevertheless, I lost everything. I need my children to support me at this old age, someone to help me out. Did I bring my children into this world and raised them all these years to end up alone? I am living a desperate life, how different is it from death?”



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