Escaping to the Unknown

When a person is forced to flee his house and leave his country; crossing the border, what are the things that he can take with him?

After a year and a half of bombing and a siege, life becoming too difficult to live, and houses collapsing one after the other, we carried with us sadness, despair, and pain. We took with us very few memories, our personal documents, and we walked unsteadily. We took a step forward, then stopped to take another look at our home. We never thought we will ever be forced to leave it like this. We looked at each other’s faces, tears flowing down; what brought us together is the fact that we are Syrian, we all share the same pain. We had with us wounded people, elderly, and children. I’ll never forget how my youngest son held the hem of my dress with fear, looked up at me, and said, “Mom, are we going to die? I’m scared of the dark, I’m scared I will get lost.” I prayed to God to keep my children safe. I walked on wondering: where are we going to live? What are the camps like? Will we be able to live there? Was my decision to escape to the unknown the right one, or something I will regret?

-Um Adeeb


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