Ameera and Anwar came back from school with sadness in their eyes and tears running down their faces, unlike the smiles always emanating from them. I asked them about it and the answer caught me by surprise. What they told me is that some students and teachers in their high school had suggested holding a discussion about the negative affects of Syrian refugees on Jordan; and specifically about rejecting their presence and their effects on the Jordanian economy. I cannot hide that I felt very offended when I heard that, and I decided that I need to take action. I informed the organization of Save the Children, and they cooperated by promising me that they will ensure that this discussion does not take place. Action was taken and it was stopped, but the school, nonetheless, held it at a later date. Students and teachers alike were divided on the issue; some being with and some being against the presence of Syrians in Jordan. What surprises me is that our textbooks all stress the importance of Arab cooperation and hospitality and the acceptance of each other, yet the people who teach this themselves were responsible for holding this discussion!

– Um Adeeb


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